The Institutional Excellence Category
First Place: Inash El Usra Society

 The main mission of the institution and these remarkable women was a real focus on the importance of educating  Palestinian women and protecting the rights of Palestinian children. The society spared no effort to support the local  community in meeting its daily challenges; yet remained focused on its primary purpose that is to enable, to uplift and to    celebrate Palestinian woman to become independent, productive and active agents in society. The society was able to do so  by establishing three main centers of excellence for women: Inash El Usra College, the vocational training centers and the  kindergartens centers. It remains a place where Palestinian heritage is persevered while equally focusing on the      developmental and educational aspects of Palestinian women and community.


Second Place: Alnayzak for Extracurricular Education and Scientific Innovation

 Since its establishment in the year 2001, Alnayzak works on developing and enhancing the quality of education in Palestine by virtue of instilling in it scientific innovation. In a short span of time Alnayzak became one of the pioneering Palestinian institutions working solely in augmenting traditional educating with scientific disciplines & instilling scientific innovation into the class room in Palestine. Alnayzak was proud to be invited to participate in developing the Palestinian curricula in science & technology as part of the of the national curricula team at the ministry of education and higher education. Alnayzak was able to represent Palestine in several regional and international scientific competitions where Palestinian youngsters reached advanced places by virtue of their distinct scientific & innovative projects. Some of the successful programs implemented by the organization: the Little Researcher Program which teaches school students the mechanism of scientific research and how to develop hypothesis and the experiments needed to prove them, benefiting 750 young (male & female) from this program during the past two years. The Made In Palestine Program which works on qualifying the youth with entrepreneurial thoughts to develop their skills through interactive training programs. The Play Think Learn Program which is about implanting the basis of developing logical and creative thinking, and other life and educational skills mainly through merging educational program with thinking games. In 2010, Alnayzak launched the Jerusalem Talent Incubator as the first step towards establishing a school for talents; the incubator is an interesting and interactive environment which aims at sponsoring talented students with exceptional intellectual abilities within an annual framework

The Exceptional Project Category
First Place: Deprived families Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP)

It was evaluated to be excellently successful by Palestinian experts. The work is being done now to develop the project to be a sustainable and pioneer mechanism to merge the poor people within the socioeconomic development in Palestine. The work is also being done with all interested parties to establish a global Islamic trust fund to fight poverty in Palestine. The program targeted in its first period a huge group of the Palestinian families through enabling them to access financial and non financial services that would guarantee a stable income for them helping them to get out of poverty. The program was able to reach nearly 6600 diligent Palestinian families who were targeted with self-employment through establishing or developing small income-generating projects and activities for those families to ensure that they have a renewed measure of dignity and respect. In addition to targeting families; the focus was on empowering agencies and institutions that would help spread the eco environment for the project. As such; specialized local institutions were also targeted through building their capacities in the field of investment in promising sectors such as the diligent poor people as a partner in business, in addition to developing the socioeconomic development curriculum and involving the poor people in the development through the Islamic financing institutions. The first phase included international and national institutions and 6 small financing institutions and 16 civic-society institution were involved within the project. The project includes all of Palestine, including Jerusalem, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and reaching more than 323 residential locations (city, town, village, camp). Furthermore, the projects that were provided as economic independence gateways to the families in all sectors were in compliance with the local nature of the Palestinian economy to ensure Higher degrees of sustainability.

Second Place: Royal Industrial and Trading Company

The company produces the sewage waste pipes from the U-P.V.C, and the water tanks from LLDPE, parts and fittings from P.P, plastic manholes, toilet seats, the plastic home furniture, plastic tables, garden furniture and plastic closets, doorstep mats and modern fireplaces, in addition to the wooden sinks from the finest wood with modern and attractive designs. It is worth noting that these products were never produced before in the Palestinian territories. The company depends on high quality in its production, where the company established test labs equipped with modern devices to test the products. Furthermore; the company has ISO9000 since the year 2000 and the Palestinian quality certificate for most of its products since 1998. The company currently exports its made in Palestine for the first time products to foreign and Arab countries including Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany, Turkey and Ghana, a testimony as to the quality of the company’s products and their ability to compete in world markets. The company is working on developing energy producing natural resources, taking care and preserving the environment through programs for transforming the solar energy into alternative energy. Furthermore; the company has committed to various programs internally to safeguard its social and community responsibility towards its staff, the environment and society at large.

The Exceptional Individual with a Special Need Category
First Place (Shared equally) :Khamees Zaqqout – Gaza


With his determination and persistence, Khamees Zaqqout from Khan YounesCity succeeded in spite of being paralyzed in his lowerhalf to reach global levels in athletics through developing his athletic skills and abilities, and continuous training to achieve championships at the international athleticevents worldwide in spite of the difficulties resulting from his handicap. He scored new world records in the special needs games in local, Arab and international games, as such becoming Palestine’s Ambassador to the special Olympics since 1993.Khamees was awarded numerous medals through his participation in several Arab and international championships. He won the gold medal in spear throwing and scoring a new world record for the game within the Fifth Tunisian International Forum in 2011, he also won another gold medal in the same game, and a bronze medal in disc throwing, and a bronze medal in ASIAD 2010, which helped to qualify him as a Palestinian international Olympic player to the London Olympics of 2012.Khamees seeks to achieve advanced places in the sports he participates in, and hoping always to achieve glory not for himself but for Palestine.


First Place (Shared equally) :Muhannad Al Shafei – Ramallah

 A painful accident at the beginning of the life of Mohannad Al Shafei could have stopped his career and made him helpless and disabled. Mohannad challenged his destiny and insisted to face the hardships and to help his fellow handicapped through designing special car equipment to help them with their special needs. He also helped modify equipment to the handicapped with affordable prices at a 30% lesser prices than the imported ones, thus enabling every handicapped to own one of these devices. Mohannad did not stop at this; he also was distinguished in basketball, his sports passion where he became a leader to the Al Majd Club for the handicapped, he joined the “Disabled without borders” organization, which is an international framework communicating with people with special needs, in order to jointlyexplore how to face challenges locally and internationally

Second Place: Nadera Fayez Mushtaha – Gaza

 Nadera Mushtaha from the city of Gaza managed through her determination and persistence to overcome her handicap through designing more than 30 packs of children educational software for children aging 3 – 12 years, in addition to designing a group of other programs such as the sign language teaching programs, driving and traffic signs learning, language editing programs, in addition to her ability to work on several office programs such as office, designing programs, audiovisual programs and other open source programs. Nadera also possesses many talents such as computer typing in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and embroidery works. Nadera never considered herself as a special needs person, she considered herself as gifted from God. The Polio that she suffered from when she was 2 years old was a motivation for her creativity and innovation all the time, where Perfection and Accuracy became motivational aspects of her life. Nadera is ambitious, she hopes to establish a children’s training center to train the children at an early age on how to use computers, where the child can be in line with today’s emphasis on technology since an early age.

The International Awardees
Mr.Recep Tayyip Erdogan_The Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkish pronunciation: [ɾeˈd͡ʒep tajˈjip ˈæɾdo.an];[note 1] born 26 February 1954) is the 25th and current Prime Minister of Turkey, in office since 2003. He is also the chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which holds a majority of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Erdoğan served as Mayor of Istanbul from 1994 to 1998.

Dr.Alen Kerr,New Zealand Heart Suregeon

Dr. Alan Kerr, Cardiac Surgeon from New Zealand, who has saved the lives of more than 600 Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza since the year 2000. Dr. Kerr has also been instrumental in building the first and only pediatric cardiac surgery program to serve Palestinian children locally.