Vision of the Award

The award seeks to be the first Palestinian international award which honors the Palestinian creativity in various fields in addition to honoring people, institutions and countries that support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

Award Objectives:

  • Honoring the Palestinian creativity in various sectors of work.

  • Creating Palestinian awareness of the importance of excellence and creativity.

  • Encouraging employees in different sectors to provide the highest degree of excellence and creativity.

  • Encouraging the community institutions in Palestine and administrative and professional cadres to develop their performance and improve their services and improve their administrative and professional practices.

  • Expressing thanks and gratitude to the distinguished Palestinians for their different sectors and interests.

  • To honor the Palestinian man for his creativity and perseverance, and to set an example for others in the field of work and the humanitarian field, or the ability to challenge, steadfastness and creativity.

  • Encourage Palestinian private sector companies to contribute to the development of the Palestinian society.

  • Honoring persons, institutions and countries that have made outstanding efforts in support of the Palestinian people and humanity.