The award will pass through the following stages until the winners are announced:

The announcement stage of the award

In accordance with the vision of the Award and the directions of its Board of Trustees, the award will be announced to the Palestinian society at specific times, through the various media through:

Radio flashes

TV flashes

Press interviews

Advertising boards in public places

Correspondence to specialized institutions

To award the individuals and institutions winning the award to promote it by carrying the banner of the Ambassador of the Award.

Receiving applications

Individuals, institutions and companies wishing to compete for the award must submit an electronic application with its attachments at the times specified by the advertisement. The institutions and legal persons can also nominate individuals, institutions and companies for the award.

Evaluation phase

The category of each award is evaluated by a professional, confidential and undisclosed professional committee which is recognized for its professionalism, transparency and integrity. It has full powers to communicate with candidates, conduct interviews and visits, request support and what it deems appropriate for their work, and submit its report to the Board of Trustees.

The decision and selection stage

Based on the recommendation of the evaluation committees, the Board of Trustees shall select the winners of the Award, provided that the number of winners in each category does not exceed three individuals or institutions, who receive similar amounts without specifying the first, second and third. This is in addition to selecting the board of trustees nominated for the international award.

Advertising stage

The winners will be announced through a prestigious ceremony attended by eminent figures, and the winners will be shown through the media and literature of the Palestinian Communications Group. The winners will be honored with awards and honorary trophies.

Signing agreements with winners

Agreements are signed with the winners to determine the destination of the funds and the method and mechanisms of disbursement where the winner or winners receive 50% of the award and then the remaining amount is disbursed according to the agreed mechanism for implementation.