General Instructions:

1. If the individual, institution or company is nominated for the award from third parties, they will be asked to fill out the application after the nomination.

2. It is advisable to attach any documents or materials showing the candidate's characterization of any of the award categories.

3. It is recommended to prepare well for the process of completing nomination applications for award categories and give them time, effort and attention to reflect these requests a real picture of the level of development and degree of improvement and efficiency and nature of the achievements of the candidates.

4. All applicants will receive notification of the award results.

5. The winner receives an individual or an institution 50% of the award money in cash when winning, while the remaining 50% is paid with the award of the candidate to the management of the award, a proposal on how to build on his achievement and creativity by creating innovative projects and creative ideas.

6. The Committee shall be entitled to evaluate the applications of the candidates (if necessary) to request further information, clarifications and documents about the candidates and to visit and interview them in a manner that will help them to arrive at an impartial and fair evaluation of their applications.

7. The Evaluation Committee shall be entitled to cancel the application for candidacy for the institution if it is found that the institution provided misleading information.

8. The employees of the advanced institutions of the Award shall be entitled to apply to the award categories of individuals.

9. The institutions, companies and individuals who have won the award in previous years are not eligible to apply again for the same category.

10. The administration of the award is not obliged to answer the queries of the candidates after the closing of the candidacy door.

12. You can attach any electronic attachments to support your request and receive the award.

13. The period of receipt of applications shall be determined through the advertisement accompanying the award.

13. For further information, please contact the Palestinian Telecommunication Group for Community Development at Jawwal Building in Al-Baloua / Al-Bireh, Ramallah, Tel: 02-2425000